​Dawning Decor Studio is a creative art space and teaching venue.  I teach mosaic art and concrete sculpture.
The biggest influence in my work is texture – my upbringing in Australia, my years travelling, especially in the Middle East and Europe have stayed with me and play a major role in my work.  Working in construction for years I saw so much texture – metals, ceramics, wood, concrete etc – but also much waste and too much going to landfill!  Since my teenage years I've had a passion for making things from discarded materials.  I tried my hand at many things, including decoupage, paper mache, wood finishing, patchwork quilting – always giving new life to old materials.  My passion for mosaic is influenced from these beginnings and continues to fire me.

 Art studio
It's all about the materials! Texture and colour fire my imagination.
Heather Vollans

128 Pleasant Ridge Road, Brantford ON N3R 0B8, Canada
Phone  905 667 4271

Photography and design by Jerry Vajsar
Project:  Mosaic Wall
Size:       7 ft high x 20 ft wide
 Construction:Five cedar posts were anchored 4' in the ground. Reinforcing bar was then placed horizontally and diagonally between posts and rods secured with galvanised wire. Then 2 layers of metal mesh were layered and wired to rebar. Over this a concrete parging mix was trowelled on. After curing the concrete was ready for mosaic and grouting.     

Description:This project was 2 years in the planning and building.  I wanted a wall which said something about why I mosaic.  It had to survive the Canadian winters, so much experimentation happened even before beginning the project. All the mosaic pieces used are either vitreous ceramic, glass or stone. Most materials were salvaged from construction sites where I worked.   
The subject is mans relationship with his surroundings over the millenia- rivers, mountains, animals, birds and trees. And it represents 21st century man's dilemma : reversing the damage done.  Mankind is represented by the white vitreous line running horizontally. The "tail" at the end is where we are now - going backwards.
The wall is about why I mosaic - my art is ALL about using what we already have.